Team Registration: February 1st at 6pm EST
Team Selection Results: February 5th at 6pm
Payment Due: February 12th at 11:59pm EST

Solo Poets Registration: February 12th at 6pm EST
Solo Poets Selection Results: February 14th at 6pm EST
Payment Due: February 20th at 11:59pm EST

RATES: $125 for teams, $40 for solo poets


This year Rustbelt will be open to 16 teams. There will be one registration period which will then diverge into a team selection process consisting of two lottery draws. The registration period will open at 6pm EST on February 1st, and remain upon until 6pm EST on February 2nd. The first four teams to register will be guaranteed spots at Rustbelt 2018.

Previous Finalist Draw

The next four slots will be decided with a lottery for registrants who were Rustbelt Finalists (solo and indie) in the past 2 years (Columbus & Twin Cities). The teams who do not get selected in this lottery will be entered into the second draw.

Public Draw

The second lottery draw will encompass of all registered teams who have yet to be allocated a slot. The remaining 8 team slots will be filled through random selection with this second lottery draw.

Both draws will occur on February 5th. Results will be posted at 6pm.



To open Rustbelt up to more poets, we are continuing the indie competition tradition from past Rustbelts. To avoid confusion, this portion of the competition and its competitors will be referred to as Solo Poets. There will be 16 spots for solo poets. These poets will compete for a chance at earning a spot on indie (individual) finals stage alongside all other finalists. Registration for Solo Poets will be open at 6pm EST on Monday, February 12th and remain open until 6pm EST Tuesday, February 13th. The draw will be held on Wednesday, February 14th, with results being released at 6pm EST. The registration fee of $40 will be due by Wednesday, February 20th by 11:59pm. 



The waitlist will be formed based on the submission time of each team's/individual's registration. Teams selected to compete in Rustbelt 2018 will have until Monday, February 12th 11:59pm to pay the registration fee ($125 per team). If they are unable to complete this process, the next team in line from the waitlist will have 24-hours to accept the slot and pay registration.

All registration fees are non-refundable.



Disclaimer: all dates referred to on this page are for the year 2018